Warehouse / Manufacturing

Stitch-Tec – St. Louis, MO (178,000 SF), tilt-up distribution facility with 2,500 SF of office space.

Lambert Pointe Center- Hazelwood, MO (90,000 SF-120,000 SF), speculative light industrial / distribution complex comprising of (8) tilt-up buildings.

Buske Lines – Houston, TX (180,000 SF), tilt-up distribution center with a two-story office space.

Adam Wholesaler – Denver, CO (106,000 SF) & Earth City, MO (100,000 SF), precast distribution facility with each having 10,000 SF of office.

Walgreens DC – Allentown, PA (532,000 SF), pre-engineered distribution center with 30,000 SF two-story of office.

Resource Management - Earth City, MO (78,000 SF), pre-engineered recycling facility, clear span building with tilt-up panel skin and 6,500 SF office.

Enduro Binders, Inc. - Washington, MO (80,000 SF), tilt-up manufacturing facility with 8,500 office.

Projects previously supervised by Greg Ancel or Ryan Barr